March 25, 2011

As promised ~ Yogurt

Now that you have used the cream for some yummy butter, what do you do with the rest of the milk? You can drink it or make something else yummy. I chose to make yogurt with the rest of these two gallons + a little more. I wanted a full gallon of milk to start with. 
 Yogurt can be made with the whole milk also. I just feel like I get more bang for my buck if I can make more with the gallon. 

March 11, 2011

Raw milk > butter & yogurt

We have been blessed to have too much milk lately! We are also getting our milk from a Jersey instead of the Holstein.
Milk from Jersey's has so, so much cream! Too much cream to just shake back into the milk.
That means butter making.
Too much milk to drink means more yogurt and cheese.
The easiest thing to do is make butter from the cream and use the rest of the milk for yogurt.