January 4, 2011

A New Year

So, it seems I have a tendency to think about blogging in January! 

I could say I will make it a New Year's resolution to blog on a regular basis, or at least more frequently, but I would probably break it within a month. I do realize that the blogs I enjoy reading  post regularly. Some post daily! I wonder if they really have a regular life outside of the keyboard? Of course they do or they wouldn't have anything to blog about!  Maybe, they have a large group of people reading their writings and feel obligated to crank them out. Nevertheless, I will try to do better and that is as much of a resolution as I will make.

I have been baking bread for many more winter customers this year. It keeps me busy one day a week, sometimes two. 

Saturday I was able to bake two hundred eighty biscotti  for a friend's wedding! Yes, that was 280! She will be serving Double Almond with lemon zest, almond paste, and toasted almonds, Cherry-Vanilla with dried cherries and vanilla bean, and Mocha which is made with Old Crown's finely ground espresso beans and a lots of chocolate. Mmmm! Maybe, she will get 279 and I will have one with my morning coffee.


  1. Yay! You're back! I'm glad all of your bread making is going so well. We've really enjoyed purchasing your great goods (should I just call them "greats"?) at Salomon Farm during the summer, but I've been too lazy to order any during the winter (besides, I make my own, too).

    FYI, we did try a number of the other breads at the farmer's market this year, but we really liked yours the best. It would be fun to see something made with sprouted wheat. I'm not much into the organic foods (and I'm still not clear on what spelt is or why I might want to eat it or how it is different from other flour, I shop the farmer's market because the food is local and picked when it is RIPE), but I do know that the pasta & bread that I make with sprouted wheat does not raise my diabetic mother's blood sugar as much as the stuff I make with regular whole wheat flour.

    I also really loved checking your blog to see what you were going to be bringing to the market. Since I do make many of my own breads, it really helped me to know when there was something really special coming & needed to bring extra dough (ha, ha)! Good luck on your blogging this year & we're looking forward to seeing you at Salomon Farm in the spring!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie.

    Some people with wheat allergies can tolerate spelt. Some people like the taste. It has more of a whole grain, richer taste. It bakes up a little coarser than wheat also.

    Sprouted wheat is time consuming and that is why I don't make it on a regular basis. The process is: sprouting the wheat (at least 24 hrs), dehydrating the wheat (another day) and then grinding or storing in the refrigerator until grinding.

    Do you participate in any of the local CSA's? I have been talking with one about including bread in their winter CSA box!